It Starts With The Inner Revolution

It begins on the inside, with thoughts and choices. It begins with reclaiming mental focus.

It starts with recognizing the unnamed oppression – seeing the trauma-culture for what it is, seeing the hustle for what it is, seeing the separation put upon us in order to keep us blaming each other, the limiting belief systems, the media message of fear, terror and scarcity. It starts with putting your blame finger away and detaching from those narratives.

It starts with your plate, with the conscious choices to be made every day, with how you choose to define compassion… with how you choose to educate yourself about nutrition, with how you prioritize convenience and wellbeing.

It starts with unplugging from the normalized numbing-out addictions, resisting the urge to escape the perceived banality of life by diving into a virtual society and spending the attention on countless stories about other people.

It starts with leaving the TV off, and instead feeding the mind with books that expand awareness, with videos and lectures that raise consciousness by teaching other cultural perspectives and histories. It starts and stays with exposure to nourishment for the soul, rather than exposure to mind-programming and degradation.

It starts with recognizing what is always present – the awareness within. What a precious thing, to stop and experience this peaceful stillness that exists. It’s about knowing this as the truth of the self, rather than being stuck in the perspective of the ego, stuck in the “story”.

It starts with an inner revolution, a revolt against the old ways, the lies, the corruption, the broken parts that seem to stay broken. It starts with privately facing the truth – and you do have to be ready to tell yourself the truth.

It all starts with the honest self-inquiry. What questions do you have? What are you afraid of? Who told you to be afraid of it? What is your heart telling you to do?

It starts with wanting change, and knowing there has to be a better way to achieve it than what we saw on the news growing up. It’s noticing the absence of choices, choices that would enable us to effect change and improve conditions for everyone without exclusion. It’s noticing, when you do learn a few things outside the uni box, that the best stuff isn’t on the consensus menu.

The best stuff empowers you authentically. It is always free, it is 100% natural, and it’s the best kept secret. It grows inside of us when we make room for it. We make room for it by unplugging from the toxic exposures, and pointing our precious attention toward the direction of truth, liberation, expression, compassion, creativity, love and life.

If you feel a deep call to help the world in some way, like I do, and if you feel guilty if you look away from the world’s atrocities when they’re paraded on the news/internet… let me share with you my perspective on this. If you truly want to make changes and help the world, the environment, the animals, the abused – you do so by being a sovereign being, by owning your mental clarity and your emotional balance. You do so through knowledge, through courage, and wisdom. This state of effectiveness is achieved with health and wellness and applying oneself with maturity and reverence. This is what’s called the causal plane, and it’s where we want to be in moments of decision making. If we let our minds stay lost in confusion and sadness, in anger and without grieving, without honest self-inquiry – we are not effective, we are just adding to the chaotic mess of emotional reactions, and it’s just another drama playing out. Give your precious attention over to fortifying yourself before showing up to add volume to the protest. Let your entire life be your demonstration and your call to action. It’s a beautiful, contagious thing, humanity in its wholeness.


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