Welcome to the realm of Holistic Harmony!

A natural, holistic approach to balance.

There is no right or wrong way to achieve health and wellness. It’s about how you feel and your experience. As a consultant, my core sentiment is “Know Thyself,” and to do so through honest self-inquiry. As humans living in modern society, it is often helpful to reconnect with and openly reflect on our feelings, and to explore our thoughts in a supportive setting. This free exploration is how we uncover what we really want and need in order to access our healthiest life experience. The answers are within us, we simply invite them into awareness.

For people with debilitating or chronic conditions, it may look and feel like health and wellness are painfully elusive, and there may be intense suffering as a result. It is my observation that a significant amount of suffering can be released through increased conscious connection to one’s higher awareness, and through self-compassionate choices that detach toxic inputs, including the recognition and release of inner fear scripts, and unchecked, false, or self-defeating inner narratives. Local conditions respond when the whole body is treated; furthermore, when we acknowledge the vast importance of each person’s inner life, we integrate the balance of mind and body with that of our spiritual essence, our authenticity.

In cases of trauma, the physiology of the body can develop a variety of blockages, along with a diminished functionality of visceral awareness, or a loss of conscious connection with the body’s sensations. The past efforts to detach from visceral sensations that trigger stress, fear, or terror have shut off the brain areas that transmit visceral feelings. These are the same brain areas that are “responsible for registering the entire range of emotions and sensations that form the foundation of our self-awareness, our sense of who we are.”*  In healing trauma, it’s vital to include somatic or physical activity, to draw out blocked sensory information, to facilitate an energetic release of the traumatic experience, and to complete the self-preserving physical actions that were previously thwarted. The connection with inner sensations becomes restored instead of suppressed.

I am not a doctor and I do not offer medical advice. The information that I share is from personal experience and a dedication to open source education. It is intended to be taken as an opinion, and as an invitation to explore your own truth. However much weight is given to it is up to each individual, and according to how much an idea resonates. It is all an offering. Take whatever feels like the truth to you.

*(reference: “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.)


My healing story

My personal healing journey took a lot of detours. Before I woke up to natural health and spiritual awareness, I spent over a decade bouncing in and out of therapists’ offices, trying medications, trying expensive doctors, only to witness myself decline as the cutting edge professionals fumbled to make sense of my distortions or even agree on a diagnosis. I experienced firsthand the spectrum of counter-intuitive energy being offered in mainstream medicine and mental health. I felt their resistance to ever truly investigate the root of my condition, whether physical or psychological, along with a push to comprehend myself as chemically broken, and thus chemically treatable through pharmaceuticals. Discouraged and isolated, and seemingly glued to a destructive narrative, I walked away from all treatment. I narrowed all my focus into running a small business, and I clung to my busy-ness like it was my survival, distracting me from an abyss of unresolved despair. Fortunately, that chapter of life would integrate into my adventure an awareness of the creative potential within myself, as well as provide me with an education on natural health, organic body care, and wholesome living choices. I developed my own self-care routines and discovered the real-life effects of mindfulness and self-compassionate choices. I changed my diet, changed my thoughts, changed my environment and rearranged my priorities. I discovered balance and wellness as a result of my choices. I realized I had uncovered a huge insight into natural health and emotional balance that simply wasn’t being offered on the mainstream menu. My focus switched from making and selling healthy products to developing and studying healthier ways of thinking, of feeling, of living with intention. My heart simply bloomed when I made the connection that ancient/aboriginal wisdom already contained the best natural health “secrets” of today! It is a sacred part of my life’s journey to be able to connect with other seekers, thinkers and feelers, and to share what continues to unfold for me every day; to describe the peace that exists inside of us at all times, the clarity and balance that is free and accessible and awaiting our inquiry; and to support those on the journey, as they encounter the shadows along the way, by reminding them of their power within that is free and accessible right now.