Cherokee Harmony

The path of holistic harmony is virtually the same as the ancient wisdom of the aboriginal, indigenous, and native Peoples. Their knowledge is sacred and to be revered, not commercialized or turned into a social media meme. It is the higher wisdom that all seekers seek, but it protects itself behind a locked door. The key is silence and reverence, patience, and connection to your spirit. The words we use to verbalize and convey their sentiments automatically degrade the truth which they carry… these sentiments are meant to be experienced, not just read, so they can be known to each individual as their living truth.

Many people ask, “What now? What do I do? How do we go about raising kids in this degraded society?”

The following excerpt is to help answer that question.

From “Medicine of the Cherokee: The Way of Right Relationship,” by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett:

The Medicine Way is based on an unwritten “code of ethics” that honors the natural laws of Creation to guide our way of life toward harmony and balance with all our relations – personal, social, and environmental. The “Way of the Circle” is passed down from generation to generation, from Native American Elders to the children in the form of stories, traditions, customs and teachings. What follows is a general collection of these teachings, which can be embraced by anyone seeking the way of harmony and balance:

1.When you first arise in the morning, give thanks to the Creator (Great Spirit), to the Four Directions, to Mother Earth, the Father Sky, and to all of our relations, for the life within you, and for all life around you.
2.Remember that all things are connected. -All things have purpose, everything has its place. -Honor others by treating them with kindness and consideration; always assume that a guest is tired, cold and hungry, making sure to provide him or her with the best of what you have to offer.
3.If you have more than you need for yourself and your family, consider performing a “giveaway” by distributing your possessions to others who are in need.
4.You are bound by your words, which cannot be broken except by permission of the other party.
5.Seek harmony and balance in all things. -It is always important to remember where you are in relation to everything else, and to contribute to the Circle in whatever way you can by being a “helper” and a protector of life. -Sharing is the best part of receiving. -Practice silence and patience in all things as a reflection of self-control, endurance, dignity, reverence, and inner calm. -Practice modesty in all things; avoid boasting and loud behavior that attracts attention to yourself. -Know the things that contribute to your well-being, and those things that lead to your destruction.
6.Always ask permission, and give something for everything that is received, including giving thanks for, and honoring, all living things.
7.Be aware of what is around you, what is inside of you, and always show respect. -Treat every person from the tiniest child to the oldest Elder with respect. -Do not stare at others; drop your eyes as a sign of respect, especially in the presence of Elders, teachers or other honored persons. – Always give a sign of greeting when passing a friend or stranger. -Never criticize or talk about someone in a harmful, negative way. -Never touch something that belongs to someone else without permission. -Respect the privacy of every person, making sure to never intrude upon someone’s quiet moments or personal space. -Never interfere in the affairs of another by asking questions or offering advice. -Never interrupt others. -In another person’s home, follow his or her customs rather than your own. -Treat with respect all things held sacred to others whether you understand these things or not. -Treat Earth s your mother; give to her, protect her, honor her, show deep respect for those in the animal world, plant world, and mineral world.
8.Listen to guidance offered by all of your surroundings, expect this guidance to come in the form of prayer, dreams, quiet solitude, and in the words and deeds of the wise Elders and friends.
9.Listen with your heart.
10.Learn from your experiences, and always be open to new ones.
11.Always remember that a sole is something sacred, to be shared.
12.Live each day as it comes.