5 Keys to Starting a Harmonious Day

Thoughts have power!


#1 Waking Thoughts – Have you ever observed what your first thoughts are in the morning? You may find that those initial waking thoughts sound a lot like a to-do list, or maybe they contain a daily rundown of some of the moments you’re dreading that day. Becoming a more conscious driver of your thoughts is the first key to starting a truly harmonious day. Thoughts have power! Each thought is its own little energetic entity, with it’s own vibrational frequency, and every thought affects you, especially those you dwell on. Put your conscious mind on the right track by shifting your waking focus to a positive observation, something you are grateful for; it can be as simple as the sunlight or the softness of your pillow. Try it the next time you wake up – in the first few seconds (or minutes) while you are still in the bed, take your mental focus to something positive and uplifting, perhaps something you are grateful for, and acknowledge it with a mental statement, such as “This is a beautiful day,” or, “I am grateful for my soft pillow.”

#2 Mind-Body Connection – Yoga is an easy way to connect with the breath, soften up any stiffness in the body, and feel balanced and energized. Begin by standing in mountain pose with the hands at the heart. Inhale deeply through the nose, counting up to 8 to 10, holding it for a count of 3, then exhaling everything out for a count of 8 to 10. Do this 3 times. Next, take in a deep, deep inhale and on the exhale vocalize the Ohm sound, letting it resonate throughout the body as the exhale completes. If you are already familiar with yoga, proceed with a sun salutation series, choosing pose variations according to what feels best to you, staying in tune with your breath. If you are new to yoga or prefer a less physical exercise, after the three breath cycles, come to a seated position on the floor with your legs crossed and proceed to number 3…

#3 Intentions and Affirmations – If you haven’t already established for yourself what you most want to get out of this human existence, now is the perfect time to look within and ask. What do I want to be, do or have? What challenges am I facing? Create a list of 5-10 intentions that are direct from the heart and aligned with your authentic self. Statements like “I embody the energy of compassion and acceptance” and “I am balance” send the message to your mind, your body, and your environment that you are driving this experience, and not the ego. Have your written list of intentions within reach of your morning yoga area. Read each one aloud, giving them the calm energy of that conscious, connected state of being. Complete your exhale after saying each intention, and take a new breath before saying the next one.

#4 Water & Lemon – Fill a tall glass with filtered water and two slices of fresh, organic lemon. Switch it up by using sliced lime instead, or by adding a thumb-sized piece of peeled ginger. Drinking water infused with lemon aids in maintaining a healthy alkaline level in the digestive system. Try to get in several glasses of water every day for overall healthy functionality. Avoid unfiltered tap water, and do minimize bottled water consumption. If you don’t already have one, a counter-top tap water filter might be your next favorite thing.

#5 Attitude of Self-Care – Why do we fill our cup first? So that we may overflow onto others. Embrace an attitude of self-care that includes shifting any negative self focus into a perspective of acceptance. Be present with yourself every day, right from the moment you wake up. This is your chance to set the tone and the direction for your experience. Work with what is available to you, and be a witness to your good choices. Put down the electronic device and put on some music that soothes the soul, like the healing sounds of Steven Halpern or Ben Leinbach. Listen to your heart and your body, and show it that you accept it and appreciate how amazing it is. Nourish your body with smart, compassionate eating. Reach for the raw, organic produce and the cold-pressed juices. Shun the sodas, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners. Let go of what isn’t serving you and make the conscious choice to live in harmony with your Higher Self. It’s talking… are you listening?

Have a beautiful, harmonious day!