How to Stop A Panic Attack and Release Anxiety

Remember what you already know: All is Mind. All is Mental.

To address a condition like panic attacks or chronic anxiety, we must mentally reign in the runaway mind that has bought into fear and/or false belief systems. First, let’s get centered by taking in some big breaths – inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Relax the jaw. Relax the hands.

Remember that all is mind, as you breathe in deeply, slow and steady. Your experience in this moment depends on how you look at the world around you, how you choose to perceive it. Are you driving your thoughts, or is your anxiety?

Be present in this moment, and be with your breath. Take the mental wheel, and say to yourself, “I am safe. I am calm. There is no danger. I am at peace now.”

As you inhale, feel the new, calm energy entering your lungs, and infusing the cells of your body with a gentle, soft lightness. Exhale out all the tension, blowing all the way out, and then inhale again deeply, and slowly. Know that you are breathing in the natural life-force energy that soothes the body and allows you to reset, emotionally and mentally. As you breathe deeply, you are slowing down your heart rate and supplying fresh oxygen to your brain. You are providing a balanced environment for your mind, body and soul to harmonically support one another. Imagine only pure divine loving energy in your body space.

As you continue to slowly inhale and exhale, release all lingering tension in your body.

Allow your mind to get quiet, and still. Turn off any music or tv, if you can. If your mind keeps telling a story about how terrible this day is going, or anything negative, take charge and start re-writing that internal script. It is your life after all! Do you want to feel calm and steady, with clarity and emotional balance? If yes, choose to actively seek that experience. Choose in this moment to think a positive thought – this is your chance to start transforming a panic attack into an empowering lesson, and start re-training the brain to wire itself according to thoughts of hope, serenity, compassion and confidence. You can do it, but you must choose to do so.

Positive thoughts can be as simple as noticing the beauty of a bird in flight, being grateful for a kind person in your life, or mentally going through a wonderfully intricate visualization. Use your imagination to make this your own happy place. There is no right way. The goal of it all is to calm the mind and uplift the spirit, and the absolute quickest way is to tap into our natural resources, which are always with us and always free. When you proceed with the breathing exercise and steer the mind to a quiet place, the panic has no place to exist, and the anxiety evaporates. Both are products of the mind, same as the peace that you feel as you meditate. Steer the mind and you steer the perception of your experience. Choose your experience!



Speaking from experience, panic attacks can be a mild, temporary condition that disappears for years at a time, or it can just as easily become a (seemingly) permanent figure in life that worsens rapidly and ultimately causes an otherwise healthy person to feel trapped at home and become unable to go out in public without triggering a panic attack. When panic attacks are part of a pattern of repeated triggers and the solution has not yet been found, the internal talk that occurs before, during and after the panic attack is all collectively contributing to a false belief about one’s self. Chronic panic and anxiety, agoraphobia and other similar conditions that disrupt everyday life are best approached with honesty and a search for the root cause of the distress. It is vital that we determine the cause of the discordance, not just learn to avoid a bunch of triggers. Triggers are actually TEACHERS. Are you ready for your lesson? Of course you are, love.

For many people, myself included, being forced to operate outside the authentic self can be a trigger. It is possible to live from behind a mask that gets slowly built over time, and before we realize what we’ve done, our ego has been driving the whole show with little concern for our true wellness, and we start to get sick. We sense a discordance in our body, a feeling that something is off. We are nervous, or more irritable. We are scared, usually, of something that may be illogical, and we simply don’t know how to not feel the fear. It is as though it has been programmed into our mind. There is a correlation worth mentioning here, since I have observed it both in my own healing as well as later reading many accounts of others awakening to this empowering truth – Authenticity is a key to sovereignty, meaning control, over one’s mind, body and emotions. When we are authentic, we are liberated from the mask that the ego-driven life often materializes. When we live authentically we can speak our truth, we can know ourselves, we can trust ourselves. When we understand that All is Mental, we can appreciate what a tremendous gift it is that we are in charge of the mind, and that we can clean things up any moment we are ready and willing to make space for better things.

Triggers are teachers in that they reveal to you quite clearly that something is wrong. Unfortunately many people are too busy and distracted to be in touch with their personal voice of intuition, and they are culturally accustomed to externalizing their power in order to determine the value of things, including themselves. Humans aren’t meant to live every day in a mode of stress, we aren’t meant to feel like we’re in constant competition, we are made to embody relaxation and beauty and confidence, to connect with nature, to show compassion and forgiveness, to be kind and to teach others by our example, not by our judgment or condemnation. Can some slow, deep breaths snap you out of your moment of panic and reset things enough to get you through the day? Sure, and for a time, this is fine. Do face and learn from your experience, because many times a trigger is revealing a deeper imbalance that wants our attention.

We transcend what we face, and that is a beautiful thing.

Peace and blessings to you, sweet soul.  -CC